Our Projects

Abak Valley

Abak Valley from the stretch of the crown land within the gradient of Abak Council office complex and the Saint Mary’s College, Ediene is blessed with two bridges

Shrimp Farming

Nigeria’s coastline, particularly, a point at the Gulf of Guinea, has large environment of seafood development which need a concentrated investment to boost stock

Monorail Express

A Monorail can carry up to 120 people per coach at any given time. By adding coaches the number can double up. This compare to the capacity of 26

News and Articles

Investment opportunity in Akwa Ibom State

Investment opportunity in Akwa Ibom StateIn the past 7 years, I have diligently worked on hidden opportunities in Akwa Ibom State, being a state that my business group has exploited and established visible milestones such as1. 5 Star hotel & golf2. Initiate International Airport3. Development of infrastructure on the Shelter Afrique Estate4. Raising bridging funds…

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Resolve on Humanitarian Pact: AKIRS/NHIS/BANK

1. Proposal welcomed by Executive Director, Elder Atang of AKIRS, who acknowledged receipt of the written proposal and disclosed that K&K will be paid commission in keeping with its policy. However he expected a more informed meeting with their Board2. NHIS is renamed ‘NHIA’ (National Health Insurance Authority). The premium per assured on a group…

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Governor Umo Bassey Eno promised the Akwa Ibom State electorate, among other goodies, to establish what he called Happy Hour moments. This is a lifestyle that would explain and summarize the contentment that the ruled should enjoy from their relationship with the authority (government) and capable of making the State a tourism destination in the…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Housing Indemnity Platform ‘S.H.I.P’ Question: Who is LETCO?Ans: Lagos Executive Credit & Thrift Cooperative Society LimitedQuestion: Registration details?Ans: LSCS 8212 registered 2004 by Lagos State Government of NigeriaQuestion: Past performance?Ans: Pooling of over 600 professionals to raise N3bn for the funding of mortgage schemes for Exxonmobil, Coca Cola, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for…

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Reasons why you must invest in Lake Valley City

INVESTMENT TIPS Ibeju Lekki comes alive bcos Dangote Refinery is a tenant. When investing in land, care about your neighbour. Gulf Eye Surveillance Satellite is a booster for Abak/Ibom Lake Valley City. If you are wise, invest in the plots now. 08022240503 I urge my friends to accept the Ibom/Abak Valley City and share in…

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Invest in Lake Valley City and save 20%

You save 20% off current market price of rice. But you must have invested in Lake Valley City aka Abak Valley City. Supply chain is weekly. Credit sales not allowed.

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Autonomous Community

The city that operates the concept of autonomous community or holistic city is structured to initiate social and economic lives generally for and by the inhabitants of communities.Their dealing with those outside the community is limited to commercial transactions. The concept was first sold to Nigeria in 1979 by Chief Obafemi Awolowo during the Unity…

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