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Investment opportunity in Akwa Ibom State

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Investment opportunity in Akwa Ibom State
In the past 7 years, I have diligently worked on hidden opportunities in Akwa Ibom State, being a state that my business group has exploited and established visible milestones such as
1. 5 Star hotel & golf
2. Initiate International Airport
3. Development of infrastructure on the Shelter Afrique Estate
4. Raising bridging funds for State needs
5. The concept and initiative of the Ibom Deep Seaport and City
My current challenge is to complete the acquisition of Ibom Valley City 922.889 hectares of land and the healthcare need for the people of Akwa Ibom State via an insurance and humanitarian support scheme. A scheme that will give teeth to the Governor’s campaign promise to establish Happy Hours lifestyle for the people.
• Ibom Valley City has been acquired, published and about to complete community compensation. Anieno Associates LLC Houston is working on Diaspora Estate ???? with mortgage backed instrument. The project is targeting a 3 months time frame for launch. $50m to cover the land, infrastructure and housing units is in the package.
• The healthcare cum Happy Hours evolution has been embraced by healthcare insurance fully extended to cater for the estate of taxpayers irrespective of gender – over 18 years of age. Apart from taking up hospital bills as agreed, every family shall be assured of cover; and where anyone taxpayers is deceased, the estate will claim not less than #500k for burial expenses recoupment. It’s being administered by Humanitarian Pact alliance (non profit) – floated by Kingsberg & Kingsday Limited 3 Ribadu Road, Ikoyi
My group shall welcome other investors who will have the right to land ownership for own purpose

Resolve on Humanitarian Pact: AKIRS/NHIS/BANK

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1. Proposal welcomed by Executive Director, Elder Atang of AKIRS, who acknowledged receipt of the written proposal and disclosed that K&K will be paid commission in keeping with its policy. However he expected a more informed meeting with their Board
2. NHIS is renamed ‘NHIA’ (National Health Insurance Authority). The premium per assured on a group cover for 10 minimum set of entries is #15,000 per individual. We are pressing for 7,500 per individual for a minimum of 100,000 minimum set of entries. The State Manager looked excited and promised feedback
3. Zenith Prudential Insurance Company quotes #3250/ individual for #500,000 death cover.
4. The bank will have to ask for fixed deposit from several operators and credit K&K with the share of the interest.
5. At the meet with James Essien Ae, we discussed how the hospital who receive the claimed proceeds from the insurance cover should reward us for generating the IGR from the above cover. It’s possible we will be allowed commissions based on paid claims.
6. In view of the extraordinary incentive of the program, the market shall spill over to other states of the country, and that will be a source of increase in production. The expected 340,800 population on the database shall most likely be exceeded
7. To launch the program, which is a booster for Umo Eno’s Happy Hour euphemism we are engaging persons in the medical field to market the program. Three workers per LGA will start off on finder’s fee basis. Training on first Saturdays of the month.
8. In order to cope with likely pressure from clients, data capturing must be installed with a website. This will make it easier to administer.
Others on this project are required to contribute before a firm decision is latched to the business


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Governor Umo Bassey Eno promised the Akwa Ibom State electorate, among other goodies, to establish what he called Happy Hour moments. This is a lifestyle that would explain and summarize the contentment that the ruled should enjoy from their relationship with the authority (government) and capable of making the State a tourism destination in the country.

Akwa Ibom people are naturally hospitable and peaceful. The State shall however hold out as a haven of choice in terms of the package of amenities, not easily available elsewhere. We propose that free health care and death benefit insurance policy funded by the authorities/government should be adopted as win win project for and by the Government. What will invite Nigerians to the State for Permanent Residence and tourism must include medical services and health care supported by 100% compliance as well as death benefits and the pecuniary provision for deceased estates: an extraordinary facility to give Akwa Ibom State and people the edge in society comfort in Nigeria. The Best place to live.
Health insurance has been made compulsory by law in Nigeria; but it’s not free. Our cooperative society is pursuing a program for affordable insurance coverage through membership. The arrays of benefit as lined up below ⬇️ will cost members a minimum of #20k each:
1. Death benefit of #500k. It means deceased members will authorize funds for their next-of-kin to handle basic interment activities. The sum assured can be pushed upwards discretionary
2. This program has provided for permanent and partial disability
3. We are aware burials have been delayed due to avoidable lack of funds.
4. As a corollary of cost of handling burials, morgues business has been established in communities as fast business venture, even though it’s not ethical and and unprotected
5. Health insurance for groups of contributors is more affordable than for individual packaging. We seem to have lower cost when the whole taxpayer population in the State is covered.
6. Taxpayers approach is the qualification needed. Basic #5k is allowed
7. The number of villages in Akwa Ibom State is 2,272. We propose 150 per village on cover to create impact. Technology is being introduced to capture everyone
8. NHIA has agreed to supervise the administration and proper delivery
9. The hospitals and clinics in the state will benefit from the claims of the bills payable by the NHIA. The effect of the program on the economy in the State is very sustainable especially with third world economic environments. Third world average lifespan is short, and therefore generates more claims from the insurance schemes.
10. Our assumptions, actuarially, will draw indices from the program where approximately #30b per year against yearly premium of #8.5b will manifest. It’s going to generate a net invisible income of #21.5b yearly for Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria
11. The argument concerning break even and the viability of Happy Hour to make it bankable is supported by the margin of contribution from NHIA for the funding in deference to clients’ contributions. However clients’ contributions are covered by subsidy, yet very sufficient to cushion the risk.
12. Despite the paltry contributions from the clients, the community dwellers aren’t enjoying the program, which is why Happy Hour should intervene in helping out the community.
13. As indicated in 10 above ⬆️, the health care facilities shall be enabled to generate more income to government coffers in order to offset whatever cost is incurred by government to support Happy Hour. This means that program will be self funded.
14. It’s our valid belief that Happy Hour is not just a concept but a phenomenal lifestyle to pull people to the State and promote tourism
15. The program has been exhaustively discussed with commercial banks , and they indicated interest in financing.

What does the government gain from Health insurance?
1. More hospital attendance for treatment
2. Bills are settled in time
3. Humane treatment considerations reduce cash flow of the hospitals
4. Without health insurance policy the patient can’t draw from HMO to pay his economic bills
5. HMO is supported by NHIA which is FGN and WHO backed
6. Without insurance, the patient can’t take hospital bills
7. Without insurance, it’s garbage in garbage out
8. With enabling support for the patient (garbage), he is privileged to take the bills and the hospital ???? is pleased as the IGR has become better. The privilege granted by HMO (insured status) has given him more access to buy the hospital services
9. If the operator of hospitals can contribute to the patient’s privilege to buy insurance, the operator will earn more money courtesy HMO
10. Note HMO is not State Government venture – see 5 above ⬆️
11. This explains why the State government is making pecuniary gain from the transaction
12. Political gains will flow from the enhanced privilege which the masses will notice and appreciate
13. Actuals: 100 members = 10patients. 1000 members = 100patients. 10,000 members = 1000patients. 100,000 members = 10,000patients. 1,000,000 members = 100,000patients. Max probable cases for Akwa Ibom State = 35,000 patients @ #200k per patient per year. HMO actual = #7,000,000,000; Death claims on 17,500 cases @ #500k per claim per year = #8,750,000,000. Sum total of claims =#15,500,000,000 (#15.5b). Contributions #25k x 340,800 =#8,520,000,000. Tax receipts @ #7.5k =#2,556,000,000
14. 13 above ⬆️ are the actuals from actuarial perspective. Definitely the operators of health care are losing significant revenue for operating without insurance
15. Summary is while government support for the program will cost #8.52b, the economy will receive #18.056b: Health bills #7b, Compassionate #8.75b, tax #2.556b
16. As a people residing in the State life expectancy will always be above average and the peace environment will be maintained and sustainable. The government will be popular
17. This is a pilot project beginning with Akwa Ibom State. It’s our belief that there are millions in the State who wouldn’t be covered by this government initiative, and who’ll involuntarily join the program when everyone appreciates the performance of the program

Frequently Asked Questions

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Social Housing Indemnity Platform ‘S.H.I.P’

Question: Who is LETCO?
Ans: Lagos Executive Credit & Thrift Cooperative Society Limited
Question: Registration details?
Ans: LSCS 8212 registered 2004 by Lagos State Government of Nigeria
Question: Past performance?
Ans: Pooling of over 600 professionals to raise N3bn for the funding of mortgage schemes for Exxonmobil, Coca Cola, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for the acquisition and development of Ajiran Northern Foreshore Lekki, Lagos

Question: Explain SHIP
Ans: It’s an acronym for Social Housing Indemnity Program or Platform. The term ‘Indemnity’ is defining that this scheme is insurable by the licensed insurance company or guaranteed by a supporting finance institution.

Question: Why do registered persons drop funds voluntarily and treat them as gifting?
Ans: The program is identifying with philanthropy and/or persons who feel strongly that with the minimum drop of #10k a pool of premium can be built into a much bigger pool of local and international volunteers organization to help the low income masses in having access to some comfortable and affordable housing.

Question: How will SHIP provide the house units?
Ans: Through estate developers and quasi government organizations

Question: Which one is to commence first before the other, volunteer or development?
Ans: The program accepts the beneficiaries irrespective of their financial commitment since the program is a philanthropist scheme. Balloting shall be done to identify the beneficiaries for allocation depending on the size and capacity of coverage available. Intensive reach out campaign is mounted to draw the attention of the caring gifting organizations and individuals whose donations will grow with time. Therefore the provision of housing and the launch and marketing of the service are complementary and simultaneous.

Question: Can I know what amount of coverage I’m supposed to draw from the scheme?
Ans: So much will depend on the offer from the developer. SHIP will scrutinize the structure and the costing of every unit vis a vis the environment and the finishing of the structure – in the interest of the scheme. This approach is very important if the initiative must be affordable as well as comfortable. Experience shows that considerable margin of savings is attainable in dealing directly with builders instead of waiting to buy from developers. We prefer to work with builders and the funding financiers side by side with the Coop society. Eventually, the vision of completing at a modest cost is crystallized. From this point we shall have won the battle of allocating ???? free or partially subsidized, eg: 25, 30, 45 percent and so on.

Question: How are the beneficiaries captured for identification?
Ans: We have set up database that millions of intended beneficiaries should register. And a moderate processing fee of #10k only charged. The estate developers are expected to register at #250k and take a queue to connect with the buyers or beneficiaries.

Question: What is the maximum coverage?
Ans: #15,000,000 in line with the affordable index of FMBN. This is a deliberate decision to assist anyone who can qualify for the Federal Mortgage Bank loan.

Question: Can the program admit occupational or employee cooperative societies?
Ans: SHIP encourage whatever amounts to critical mass development in order to ensure immediate impact and the speed in reducing shelter deficit anywhere in Africa. When registering here we invite you to add qualified members and friends to facilitate a better chance of winning the ballot. Everyone is welcome: individuals or cooperative societies but balloting will pick up individuals only

Question: How does the program remit subsidy for the project?
Ans: Where the project/house is completed, disbursement of the going subsidy is made directly to the vendor. If it’s Enduser or work in progress, the scheme will pay at the point of mobilization, alongside the beneficiaries; but the beneficiaries will not contribute where the project is within the coverage of the scheme. #4m cost is within the free coverage.

Reasons why you must invest in Lake Valley City

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Ibeju Lekki comes alive bcos Dangote Refinery is a tenant. When investing in land, care about your neighbour. Gulf Eye 👁 Surveillance Satellite is a booster for Abak/Ibom Lake Valley City. If you are wise, invest in the plots now. 08022240503

I urge my friends to accept the Ibom/Abak Valley City and share in the Mortgage facilities and cash flow package.

Offering a house on cash deposit of 30% (#12M) at 10% interest mortgage over 10 – 15 year tenure. The plot is 650sqm minimum. Total cost is #40M.Lake Valley City is The best in Niger Delta

The Lake Valley City (LVC) offers one of these units @ #40M using Mortgage below 10% interest. 10 – 15 years tenure. Cash Deposit 30%.

Invest in Lake Valley City and save 20%

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You save 20% off current market price of rice. But you must have invested in Lake Valley City aka Abak Valley City. Supply chain is weekly. Credit sales not allowed.

Autonomous Community

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The city that operates the concept of autonomous community or holistic city is structured to initiate social and economic lives generally for and by the inhabitants of communities.Their dealing with those outside the community is limited to commercial transactions. The concept was first sold to Nigeria in 1979 by Chief Obafemi Awolowo during the Unity Party of Nigeria manifesto launch.
The concept was to form the catalyst for the country’s development in a more realistic and business-like fashion to create employment opportunities and wealth in all parts of Nigeria. Since the end of that era in 1983, autonomous community idea had disappeared. Fortunately KINGSBERG & KINGSDAY LIMITED is applying the principles of this concept to assist us to open up our country side and generate opportunities as well as encourage urban life for those who would voluntarily elect to belong. This is coming up in Abak Valley City by June 2017.
We have been joined by local and international banking floors to drive the community’s economy by selling our products and technology to the rest of the country and the world at large . We call this ‘market force’ approach. The banks have syndicated facility to release 85% of our equity funds to pay contractors engaged by the developer. The equity funds include proceeds from lands allotted to anyone who is interested to own property in the community. The banks are in charge of the collection while the developer issues the deed of sublease to secure the investment. The 15% is the threshold contribution to kick-start the constructions of infrastructure and properties. As the community develops, more and more activities are taking place and jobs are created for the subscriber ‘inhabitants’. Subscriber inhabitants are identified with land or plot ownership vouchers.
The city developer is authorized to recognize and dispense jobs to inhabitants who had proved to belong. That means, no patronage or jobs in the community will be given to strangers unless there’s nobody who can fix the jobs from among the community inhabitants. To this end, the $896m infra and superstructure jobs, including the 10,000 skilled/unskilled jobs will be handled by or offered to certified community inhabitants.
This is an opportunity for anyone anywhere in the world to buy into the concept by going for the plots when they are advertised on print and social media. I want to acknowledge the commitment of the Akwa Ibom State Government in the implementation of this initiative for all. Very soon, the master plan and the Environmental impact assessment report will be published on our website